Project Administration Library
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(1) The Service vs. Support Roles of the Project Office, ComputerWorld Interview at The Project Office Roundtable - Project World 99, Boston, MA, May 1999.-

(2) Planning and Reporting Integrity - Key to an Effective Management System - PMI (Project Management Institute) Symposium, Long Beach, CA, October 1998.  How to build a project plan and the use of earned value metrics in status reporting (6 pages, 120K Adobe PDF).-

(3) The Project Administrator - The Glue Holding it Together - PMI Symposium, Long Beach, CA, October 1998. Global competition and the trend toward the use of Project Administration Services from companies that do projects for a living to the rest of the project management community (6 pages, 196K Adobe PDF).

(4) Seven Techniques for Project Control in a Functional (Matrix) Environment - PMI Symposium, Boston, October 1996.  How the Project Administration Service improves project control in a matrix management environment (8 pages, 217K Adobe PDF).

(5) Introducing the Project Coordinator, A Leadership Paradigm for New Project Environments - SOVNET/IPMA Symposium, St. Petersburg, Russia, September 1995. Introducing the Project Administration Services concept to the Russian and European project management communities (26 pages, 3.1M Adobe PDF).

(6) Project Administration in Large Project Environments - Boston University Frontiers in Project Management Conference, May 1995.  How the Project Administration Service eliminates many of the planning, tracking, and reporting difficulties common in large and multi-project environments (11 pages, 213K Adobe PDF).

(7) The Project Administrator, A New Leadership Paradigm - PMI Symposium, Vancouver, October 1994. Introducing the benefits of Project Administration to new project environments (9 pages, 230K Adobe PDF).

(8) Ensuring Your Project's Success - A Checklist - PMI Symposium, San Diego, October 1993.  An analysis of the effects of various organization structures on project control and success (16 pages, 670K Adobe PDF).

(9) Project Administration Methodology: Achieving Schedule Control on a Large Project - The Somers Project - pmNETwork Magazine showcase article - July 1991.  A detailed description of Project Administration for the relocation of 2300 executives and 14 mainframe computer systems from multiple locations to IBM's new US Headquarters complex in Somers, NY.  A single PA provided Project Administration Services for 26 project teams constructing 210 project plans containing 5400 tasks, and tracking and reporting on 30 person-years of work over the 14 month project.  50 major milestones were completed without one slipped date. (25 pages, 9.9M Adobe PDF).

(10) Project Administration: Achieving Schedule Control on a Large Project - PMI Symposium, Calgary, October 1990.  The original PMI symposium paper which later became the pmNETwork Magazine showcase article in item 9. (16 pages, 5.2M Adobe PDF).

(11) Earned Value Project Management by Quentin W. Fleming & Joel M. Koppelman.  The authors discuss both positive and negative aspects of earned value and argue for a more user-friendly approach that avoids mind-boggling terminology, instead simply relating planned standards to earned standards to actual costs. (1996, 141 pages, available at the PMI bookstore).

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