PAI helps project organizations shift the planning, tracking, and reporting project management tool burden from project managers (yellow PA box) .... 

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to a professional project management tool service, also known as a Project Administration Service, in the project office ....

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reducing the cost of project management tool licenses and training, ensuring the integrity, consistency, and timeliness of planning, tracking, and reporting, and enhancing the performance of both experienced and inexperienced project managers and executives.

Review the 10 financial and operational benefits described on our PA Service Summary of Benefits page.  On the same page use the Cost/Benefit Analysis Worksheet to calculate savings for your organization's size and expense profile based on those benefits.

PAI's implementation and training offerings help large and multiproject organizations develop their own In-House PA Service.  Small project organizations enjoy the same benefits using our Time Shared PA Services.  Every project organization, large or small, can reduce costs and improve project manager efficiency employing a PA Service.

Join other project mature organizations who use a Project Administration Service, either in-house or as an outside service, to relieve their project managers of the project management software administration burden.  These are companies that do projects for a living and must do project management efficiently to survive.  Visit our Learning from the Successful page to see who they are. 

Compare PAI's simple PA Services approach with other more elaborate and more costly methodologies by visiting our Process Comparison page.  How many components of the "Expensive Methodology" can be replaced or eliminated by a PA Service in your organization?

For a description of the Project Administration Service visit our Project Administration Service page.  The PA Service employs the Project Administration Process described on our Project Administration Process page.  This approach ensures planning and tracking integrity and consistency and provides unbiased earned value reporting for optimum schedule and budget control.

Project Administration is a key link in the chain of disciplines required for project success, and Chain3.gif (1779 bytes)like any chain one weak link can spell disaster.  A small investment in the proper use of project management software for planning, tracking, and reporting can avoid far more costly budget and schedule overruns as well as disruption of people's lives during implementation.  To understand what it may be costing your company not to optimize your Project Administration process visit our Project Administration Justification page.

Implementation Alternatives:  Project Administration is often performed by a project manager or a team member within the project team.  For information on PAI's support of these implementation options visit our Implementation Alternatives page.

PAI Library:  Our Project Administration Library contains a selection of papers on various aspects of project administration. Each library entry contains a brief description of the paper and is available via link, download, or through the mail. Many of this site's discussion topics refer the reader to Library entries for further information.

A glossary of terms is available either by clicking on Glossary in the link panel to the left or on any underlined word or expression in the text.

Getting Started

PAI offers a variety of Project Administration services, training and mentoring to optimize the effectiveness of the project organization.  To choose the PAI program best for you call our help line or visit our PAI Services & Training page.

PAI maintains a Project Administrator Locator Service.  If you are in need of a Project Administrator or have Project Administrator skills and are looking for employment opportunities please contact us.  There is no charge for this service.

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